What is Culinary Arts?


The culinary arts may be defined as the study of food and wine and its impact on our society and way of life. The culinary arts contribute significantly to the worldwide hospitality and tourism industries. Practitioners of the culinary arts include restaurateurs, chefs, food critics, gourmets and educationalists. The study of the culinary arts now has a modern technical, scientific, academic and business approach. There is also a strong focus on the culinary artist as a ‘practitioner’ with high level technical skills, creativity and flair, and the ability to reflect and to improve his or her performance.

Changing demographic, economic and social patterns are creating a society that is wealthier, better educated, travelling more and is increasingly discerning with regard to the level and quality of dining experience demanded. Major changes have taken place in the hospitality and food related industries as they strive to meet the new demands placed upon them. These are most noticeable in the areas of business practice (marketing, finance, multi-national mobile work force, legislation) technology (new foods cooking systems and processes) and food safety (health, diet and hygiene). These changes are well reflected in the course programme which provides the student with a challenging interesting and integrated course of study.

A key aim is a well-educated graduate with the ability to learn and change to meet new challenges in their education and professional development. There is a strong focus on student centred learning. Teaching methods include formal lectures, tutorials and both individual and team project work.

The culinary arts, as part of the worldwide growth in the tourism, food and hospitality industries offer huge opportunities for employment and enterprise creation. Graduates can work in Ireland or abroad. This bachelor degree offers students the opportunity to acquire appropriate managerial skills and techniques that will enable them to be effective and efficient in culinary arts and related food industries.

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